Paladin. Cost Efficiency at the Core.

  • Expert at contract negotiations with Core & IT service providers.
  • Deep intelligence into vendor pricing, terms, conditions nationwide.
  • Real career experience and knowledge as former vendor executives.
  • Proven to increase shareholder value in mergers & acquisitions.
  • Proven insight and tested knowledge.

Today, more than ever, cost efficiency is imperative to the success of community financial institutions.  Rising compliance costs, increasing competition, and declining interest spreads mandate smarter budgets and tighter expense control.

Paladin delivers that efficiency. Today, core processing and IT service contracts represent one of the largest non-interest expense items for community banks and credit unions under $5 Billion in assets. Paladin works with its clients to restructure existing vendor contracts into a ‘win-win’ deal, long before they expire, reducing expenses an average of more than $900,000 per institution since 2009. We frequently save clients millions of dollars during the life of a contract without the need to change vendors or go through an unnecessary RFP process.

Restructuring core services contracts creates strategic advantage.  It can dramatically improve shareholder value in a merger or acquisition, whether you are a buyer or seller.  It can cover increased compliance costs and pay for additional banking services, like mobile banking.

Only Paladin combines deep market research into fair market pricing and unmatched experience in negotiations.  We’ve developed the industry’s first “Blue Book” on vendor deals nationwide so that we always negotiate the best possible agreements for our clients.

Do you believe you are paying too much for your core services and IT contracts?

Just a few minutes with a Paladin expert will provide you with the answer.  

Our Hired Guns are not the same rote career advisers you find bloating most “copy-paste” consultancy firms serving the industry over the last 10-20 years.

There’s a new approach in town! And the name is Paladin.

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