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“Growing up, I was a huge fan of Have Gun Will Travel, remembering that The Paladin (Richard Boone) was well-respected in his approach to his occupation as a Gun-for-Hire. This legendary power of example inspires our zealous commitment to our clients’ causes.”  – Aaron Silva

Founded in 2007, Paladin fs is the leader in bringing greater cost efficiency to the core services and IT investments of community financial institutions. Paladin improves the profitability and shareholder value of community banks and credit unions by renegotiating and restructuring outsourced core services and IT contracts, which today represent the second or third highest noninterest expense for most institutions. On average, Paladin saves its clients more than $900,000 during the life of a contract.

Paladin takes a unique data-driven approach to contract negotiations. It is the only firm with a continually evolving database, or Blue Book, on the outsourcing costs for all national and regional vendors, with service agreements ranging from de novo banks to institutions with assets of up to $5 billion. Paladin brings vendors to the negotiating table before contracts have expired, so its clients realize major efficiencies immediately, not years from now. Through renegotiation, the company dramatically reduces costs, limits restrictive terms and conditions, and more affordably brings on essential new banking services and IT solutions. The savings achieved through a Paladin renegotiation often pays for the rising cost of compliance or funds new revenue-producing programs and services.

Run by seasoned executives from vendor companies, Paladin is focused solely on negotiating better contracts for community financial institutions. It works with every client to understand immediate and long-term needs and requirements—from new core services needs to future M&A plans—to be sure new contract address each bank’s current and future requirements. Paladin allows community financial institutions to improve current profitability and long-term prospects without risk.  The company is only paid based on the actual dollar value saved by their clients and its services are 100% budget-neutral.

Why other consulting firms might be full of “BS”.

Since 1990, I have sat on the other side of the table (the technology vendor “selling” side), watching with disgust as the same old bloated consulting firms took advantage of bank and credit union executives – selling the same [you know what] over and over again. I call them “copy-paste consultants” and it was always hard to stomach.  Behind the clients’ backs, consultants would secretly grease the palms of my competitors with kick-backs and unethical trade-for-tricks engagements. By 2007, I just couldn’t stand for it any longer and launched Paladin fs, LLC. to set things right and inject some honesty and integrity into the process of buying/selling Core & IT Services.

Appreciating our discreet, confidential, professional and ethical approach, executives of financial institutions and the emerging technology companies that service them hire Paladin with assurance. Yes, we are good guys in black (not stuffed shirts), a tested team that provides all the hard market data and business intelligence necessary to achieve critical and strategic outcomes while staying in integrity at all times. What a concept, right?

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